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The Central Massachusetts

Paranormal Society

Got Ghosts? We're Here To Help


Growing up as a psychic and medium certainly comes with its challenges. In the early years, many children think that everyone can see and sense what they do. It was only as they get older, they realize that not everyone can. Quickly they learn to keep their experiences a secret in case others won’t understand. Not being able to communicate to others what children are experiencing coupled with not being able to understand what is happening themselves, often mean that psychic abilities became quite a worry for them. There are so many children around the country today that are going through these experiences. They don't understand what is happening and are afraid to tell their family and friends about them. In the U.S. it has been proven that psychic children are often wrongly diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and are prescribed the drug Ritalin as treatment. Alot of these children, exposed to this drug at such an early age, turn to recreational drugs and alcohol in their teenage years to help block out their psychic abilities because they never learned how to deal with them. Sadly, in some cases they even end up taking their own lives. Rev. Nancy now works with psychic children and their parents to help them learn about psychic and medium abilities.

All babies, toddlers and children up to the age of five (or sometimes the age of seven depending on the child's environment) see angels and spirits around them on a daily basis. Once they become older, they are influenced by the beliefs of their family and friends and the part of their brain that is responsible for the experiences, shuts down.

For psychic children however, this part of their brain never shuts down and their abilities are carried with them from birth until death. Their psychic gift is part of them just as much as the color of their eyes or their individual personality. The secret for them is to learn how to be comfortable with their gift from an early age.

Through a series of counseling sessions individually with a child and their parent, through teaching a child how to meditate, how to protect themselves and to understand the psychic world, through helping parents understand what it means for they, their family and their child to be psychic, Rev. Nancy can help psychic children how to handle their gifts and live a happy, productive life.